Home Artificial Intelligence Classom helps Seoul education sites with ‘communicative/customized’ AI technology

Classom helps Seoul education sites with ‘communicative/customized’ AI technology

Classom helps Seoul education sites with ‘communicative/customized’ AI technology

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Klassom (CEO Chaerin Lee, Yujin Choi), an education startup, announced on the thirteenth that it had signed a business agreement (MOU) with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to ‘create a classroom where learning data is collected through questions’.

Through this agreement, Klassom plans to offer a man-made intelligence (AI) platform to the Seoul Office of Education’s smart device mobile learning ‘Divot’, induce communication between educators and students, and discover customized education cases based on generated educational data. .

Clausom ▲ Cooperates and supports teacher training for using Clausom ▲ Improves services related to the introduction of Clausom and creates a customized education environment ▲ Automates query responses using AI and supports joint research on personalized learning evaluation.

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is recruiting cooperative schools to utilize school education data and constructing a customized educational environment based on digital technology together with Clauseom, Google, Naver, and the Seoul National University AI Research Institute.

Classom is a learning data and AI-based educational communication platform that supports the spread of a voluntary learning culture and knowledge sharing by strengthening communication through Q&A, feedback, and interaction between teachers and students. Anonymous posts and comments reduce the burden of questions and answers from students.

Particularly, AI technology helps self-directed learning by recommending similar questions based on questions collected in previous classes. It’s explained that teachers can reduce the workload brought on by repeated questions, discover the present status of learning with collected data, and improve the standard of education by utilizing a customized feedback function.

Following the introduction of the Incheon Office of Education and the Daejeon Office of Education, Classom announced that it might solidify its position as a data-based education platform in the general public education sector by collaborating with the Seoul Office of Education.

Kim Gyeong-hoon, superintendent of the Seoul Office of Education, said, “We expect that AI-based cutting-edge technology will induce students’ lively learning and result in interactions akin to learning history management and feedback to create latest educational innovations.”

Clasum CEO Lee Chae-rin said, “I’m delighted to give you the option to contribute to innovation in public education and the creation of a foundation for future education.”

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com



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