Home Artificial Intelligence China, shocked by the looks of 'Sora'… “China is only a 'fine-tuned version' of the USA”

China, shocked by the looks of 'Sora'… “China is only a 'fine-tuned version' of the USA”

China, shocked by the looks of 'Sora'… “China is only a 'fine-tuned version' of the USA”

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China showed a shocked response to OpenAI's video-generating artificial intelligence (AI) 'Sora'. There’s concern that the technology gap has widened to the purpose where it’s unattainable to maintain up. According to this, the Recent York Times assessed that China's AI is nothing greater than a 'fine-tuned version' of the USA.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on the twentieth (local time) that Chinese entrepreneurs are expressing fears about Open AI and Sora.

Based on this, China's business and technology community is claimed to be each excited and anxious about Sora, which was released last weekend. The evaluation is that the technological gap is becoming increasingly severe resulting from the US ban on technology exports.

BGI Group CEO In Ye called Sora's appearance a 'Newton moment' and noted that it goes beyond the creation of a video and reflects the laws of physics. “Once we launched Chat GPT in 2022, we thought China would catch up,” he said, “since it was only text.”

Zhou Hongyu, chairman of 260 Security, said on Weibo, “If Open AI develops other 'secret weapons' that can further widen the gap with China, we may fall further behind.”

Some Chinese persons are disparaging the conches. Kunlun Tech CEO Fang Han said, “We analyzed the video, however it appears that no significant progress has been made,” adding, “The gap with China just isn’t large.”

Individually from this, stock prices rose within the investment market resulting from expectations about generative AI. On Monday, the primary day after the Sora announcement, the 'Sora Index', which consists of 49 related firms, soared by 11.4%.

Perhaps aware of China's response, the NYT published an article the following day titled 'Chinese firms were caught off guard by groundbreaking developments in generative AI.'

As a substitute of mentioning Sora, he used 01.AI, a Chinese startup that became a unicorn at the tip of last yr, for instance. Based on reports, 01.AI got here into the highlight by taking first place on the Hugging Face leaderboard with the discharge of an open source model, however it was identified that the AI ​​model was in reality nothing greater than a fine-tuned version of Meta's 'Rama 2'.

Citing a survey of 12 experts, it also said that China has lagged behind the USA by greater than a yr within the AI ​​field, and that the gap could widen further in the long run. “Chinese firms are under tremendous pressure to meet up with the U.S.,” said Chris Nicholson, an investor at Page One Ventures. “The launch of ChatGPT is one other ‘Sputnik moment’ when China feels it must catch up.”

There have been even claims that the gap in large-scale language models (LLMs) has already widened to 2-3 years. Jenny Xiao, partner at Leonis Capital, said, “The model built by Chinese firms just isn’t excellent, so many firms use American open source with fine-tuning,” adding, “They’re about 2 to three years behind the USA.”

In fact, the performance of models developed in-house in China just isn’t all bad. 'Qwen-72B', which Alibaba released at the tip of last yr, gained popularity not only because the No. 1 hugging face, but additionally as the perfect performance among the many open source models that appeared on the time.

Reporter Lim Da-jun ydj@aitimes.com


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