Can Artificial Intelligence Ever Be Truly Creative?


When Jane Goodall discovered chimpanzees using tools — bending sticks into just the best shape to penetrate a termite mound, drawing out the insects like fish on a hook — she caused an outcry. “The Toolmaker” could not be our species’ special title and folks had a collective identity crisis. The identical is occurring all once more with AI. Is creativity unique to humans?

Hardwired Brains

Many individuals argue AI can’t be creative because humans produced and trained it on their very own ideas. But humans also produced and trained Beethoven, Dickinson and Da Vinci. Geniuses don’t spring out of the Earth like Greek gods. Prefer it or not, every little thing you’ve ever created was inspired — at the very least partly — by something one other person taught you.

Even geographically isolated cultures give you the identical artistic and literary themes over and once more — an important flood, talking animals, individuals with wings and personified planets. People’s brains are so similar across the board that irrespective of where they go, they write the identical stories and share the identical dreams. Identical to AI, you’re hardwired to have certain thoughts.

The Lovelace test — named after Ada Lovelace, the unique computer programmer — is one proposed try and understand whether AI will be creative. To pass the test, a man-made agent must make something so original or advanced that the programmer couldn’t explain how the AI generated it.

But does AI must break the boundaries of its own code to be original? Not even humans can try this — genetics, hormones and brain structure dictate your thoughts and actions, yet you continue to find ways to be exceptionally creative. This school of thought argues that similar to people, AI is creating what it may possibly with what it has.

Subsequently, simply because an AI’s neural networks limit what it may possibly generate may not preclude its ability to create latest ideas. Everyone’s thoughts have an invisible periphery.

Where Does Creativity Come From?

Some say generative AI is just rearranging the info people feed it. But everyone borrows bits and pieces from the books they read, the art they admire and the songs they take heed to. Is that plagiarism? How do you draw the road?

In an effort to learn, each humans and machines need inputs. People learn to attract by interacting with other people’s artwork first — taking a look at picture books, coloring within the lines, tracing drawings and trying to copy cartoon characters.

Similarly, machine learning enables software to devour tens of millions of information points — excess of an individual could experience of their lifetime — and rearrange them to create something latest. A Generative Adversarial Network uses convolutional neural networks to copy human creativity. Its outputs improve because it learns, leading many individuals to say AI is creative.

Others attest that creativity comes from having latest experiences. But in some ways, writing about what happens to you or painting what you see is the alternative of creativity — the flexibility to give you something latest on your personal sets creativity aside from recordkeeping.

Because AI won’t ever have a brush with death or travel by rickshaw, any stories it writes are wholly fictional. Some would say that makes it more creative than, for instance, a one that writes a dramatized account of an adventure that they had.

But latest experiences also prompt people to think concerning the world otherwise, not only forming the premise for stories. Visiting a monastery or caring for a sick spouse can trigger previously unknown emotions or thoughts that result in self-expression, which is one definition of creativity.

Will AI Ever Be Creative?

It is dependent upon the way you define creativity. In some ways, neural networks function like a human brain, and you possibly can draw parallels between how humans and AI programs generate ideas. But when creativity requires self-expression, then artificial intelligence is decidedly not creative since it neither experiences emotions nor feels the necessity to specific itself. It simply does what you ask of it.

AI software has no internal prompts like sadness, joy or anger to encourage it to jot down songs. It has no religious beliefs, favorite flavors, desires, fears, hopes or dreams. It is sort of a brain in a jar on a long-forgotten shelf, perfectly preserved and unfeeling, peering ever outward through a cloud of formaldehyde. It at all times needs a human to guide it. Without human ideas, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Room on the Top

It’s possible that AI could at some point surpass human creativity and intelligence. If people panicked when chimpanzees bent a number of sticks, their collective egos might take a beating if computers began writing higher poetry than them.

Perhaps, though, it won’t be the tip of the world. There’s something to be said for learning to just accept your limitations. Whether or not AI can turn into truly creative, humans can ultimately fall back on the proven fact that they created AI in the primary place — without our inputs, it might simply be a number of lines of code.


What are your thoughts on this topic?
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