Home Artificial Intelligence Baidu is working 24 hours a day to launch ‘Chinese version of ChatGPT’

Baidu is working 24 hours a day to launch ‘Chinese version of ChatGPT’

Baidu is working 24 hours a day to launch ‘Chinese version of ChatGPT’

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It is thought that China’s Baidu is making every effort to release ‘Ernie Bot’, much like ‘ChatGPT’, on schedule.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the ninth (local time) that lots of of persons are working across the clock ahead of the discharge of ‘Ernie Bot’, which Baidu announced on the sixteenth, but they’re still struggling to perform some basic functions.

It is claimed that the event of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots requires powerful computing, however it is facing difficulties resulting from the blockade of high-performance chips in america. In consequence, it’s reported that there are also happenings by which executives borrow chips from autonomous driving technology research departments.

Baidu announced last month that it will load ‘Ernie Bot’ into its search engine and open it to the general public from the sixteenth. In consequence, greater than 400 corporations and institutions in China, including Shaolin Temple, have made reservations to be used.

Regarding this, the Wall Street Journal predicted that if Baidu successfully launches an AI chatbot, it could bring back investors’ interest, but when it doesn’t, it could suffer the same fate to Google, whose stock price plummeted after giving an incorrect answer while demonstrating a ‘bard’.

Baidu is claimed to be currently struggling to construct the flexibility for its chatbot to obviously differentiate between phrases with multiple meanings, generate natural language, and generate accurate, fact-based answers.

Accordingly, Baidu has hired people to review and improve the chatbot’s answers, but each step is time-consuming, in keeping with officials. Also, engineers and product managers who entered this week are rushing to enhance basic features, similar to responding quickly to user requests and summarizing search results.

As a result of this lack of time, some employees are anxious about whether ‘Ernie Bot’ will give you the option to fulfill the expectations of users or the market, and a few employees are selling company stocks as the discharge date approaches, officials said.

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