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AI content generation battle: Adobe Firefly vs Open AI DALL E

AI content generation battle: Adobe Firefly vs Open AI DALL E

Few days ago Adobe released an announcement that they’ve created their very own image generation AI, big news considering Adobe being a monopolist within the creative services software and the brand new AI is an ideal match for his or her premier products like Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator and surely their latest acquisition Figma.

‘AI wars’ — generated by the Adobe Firefly

While Microsoft (disguised as an OpenAI) and Google are fighting a grueling battle over the AI supremacy and who will win bulk of the user base and create a monopoly in what they imagine is the long run of the web there’s a latest challenger on the horizon, and it’s the one which’s been synonymous with the art of creativity for a long time.

What’s more impressive is that Adobe claims that their AI, unlike the others from this space, is trained using copyrighted materials. Adobe said that each one the training data is either out-of-copyright data or belongs to the Adobe Stock library. Sharing that information is definitely a breath of fresh air considering that other corporations are frequently not open in discussing which data was really used for training their models.

DALL E was released in January 2021, greater than 2 years ago, and it’s seen many various use cases, either stand alone or paired with other Open AI’s products like ChatGPT, for things like generating unique children bed time stories with audio, text, images and lots of other applications.

While DALL E’s has an obvious advantage in type of working well with ChatGPT and other OpenAI products, Firefly could be a very different beast since their endgame be integrating with Photoshop and other Adobe products and never necessarily being mainly oriented to non-Adobe-owned applications.

Considering all above, DALL E and Firefly have an analogous story, purpose and capabilities hence it could be fun experiment comparing what is going to they spit out given the identical inputs. Keep in mind that this comparison is rarely fully fair because the outcomes are only nearly as good because the prompt utilized in generating them.

  1. input: coffee cup floating on a distant planet, digital art

Adobe Firefly:

2. input: small robot within the fantasy land a billboard with text Java


Adobe Firefly:

3. input: animated basket floating on the moon, digital art


Adobe Firefly:

Objectively looking, personal artistic tastes aside, each models are very impressive, fun to play with and with plethora of potential real word use cases. Though DALL E had two yr head start, Firefly doesn’t appear to be lagging behind and takes DALL E head-on by generating great results for all prompts given to it.

While generally I quite just like the Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One and his infamous point that ’Competition is for losers’ on this case of AI battles strong competitions and latest big time players like Adobe entering the scene is kind of intriguing to me, and aside from the downside of massive spam of countless ChatGPT this … ChatGPT that … blog posts in all feeds, subreddits, hacker news and most other places on the web the AI software really is delivering breakthroughs and it’d just deserve all of the attentions it’s getting at once.


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