[AI&빅데이터쇼] Intellibix unveils cutting-edge vision AI technology, including AI camera and biometric access security


Intellibix demonstrated the next-generation integrated control system AMS at COEX on the nineteenth. (Photo = Intellibix)

Intellivix (CEO Eunsoo Choi, Jeonghoon Jang), a vision artificial intelligence (AI) specialist, introduced the next-generation integrated video control system AMS and edge-type video evaluation AI camera on the ‘2024 AI & Big Data Show’ held at COEX on the nineteenth.

An official explained, “Intellibix’s AMS was utilized in a recent anti-terrorism exercise in cooperation with Ansan City. An enormous advantage is that it may well detect suspects of assault or terrorism in real time and supply immediate location information and route tracking.” .

AMS complements the shortcomings of the present VMS, which is directly monitored by humans, and allows AI to detect only key events similar to fire, theft, collapse, and traffic accidents 24 hours a day. Specifically, AI robotically generates safety-related big data to assist analyze aspects that threaten residents’ safety by day of the week, season, and month.

As well as, in reference to the Geographic Information System (GIS), video evaluation events are displayed on the map in real time to intuitively inform air traffic controllers of the precise location of the accident, helping them respond quickly.

Intellibix's AMS provides not only real-time video control, but also suspect location and movement path tracking functions.
Intellibix’s AMS provides not only real-time video control, but in addition suspect location and movement path tracking functions.

The video evaluation AI camera for access control introduced at the location recognizes people in real time and records external features similar to glasses and bags. User convenience has been added by utilizing various biometrics similar to face and mobile, in addition to long-vein access security AI that opens the door with only a touch of the hand.

It could actually be used not just for access control in security areas, but in addition for attendance, entry, and drinking water management. It robotically generates web-based access security data and helps administrators easily manage data through a digital twin-type administrator page.

An Intellibix official said, “Participating on this exhibition is an incredible opportunity to advertise Intellibix’s revolutionary AI technology and solutions to potential customers. We’ll proceed to do our greatest to showcase the perfect AI technology and solutions.”

Reporter Park Soo-bin sbin08@aitimes.com


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