IOC “Blocks SNS defaming athletes with AI during Paris Olympics”


IOC Executive Committee (Photo = IOC)

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said it could deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to curb the abuse of fictional media targeting athletes and officials during next month’s Paris Olympics.

Reuters reported on the 14th (local time) that IOC President Thomas Bach announced at a press conference that AI could be introduced to guard the roughly 15,000 Olympic athletes and officials.

“It is predicted that there will likely be 500 million social media posts through the Olympics,” Bach said. “If someone were to spend only one second reading each post, it could take a whopping 16 years.”

“The IOC will provide proactive AI protection tools to guard athletes from cyber abuse,” he said. “This AI tool will provide extensive monitoring of athletes and officials and routinely delete posts containing profanity.” “He explained.

Previously, in April, during Olympic D-100, Chairman Bach announced that he would introduce various AI projects on the Paris Olympics.

Meanwhile, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) also used AI to observe and block social media abuse targeting players through the 2022 Qatar World Cup and handed over the main points of about 300 of them to law enforcement agencies. The French Tennis Federation (FFT) has also introduced AI to filter out malicious comments on social media since last 12 months to guard players participating within the French Open.

Particularly, this measure was taken as Russia and Belarus players were allowed to participate only as neutral players moderately than playing under their very own flags, angering Moscow.

For that reason, it is predicted that criticism of neutral players will proceed in Russia and Belarus.

Reporter Lim Da-jun


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