Riot-Sapion merger… “We’ll secure global competitiveness in AI semiconductors”


Atom card equipped with Atom chip (Photo = Riot)

Artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor startup Riot (CEO Park Seong-hyun) and SK Telecom (CEO Yoo Young-sang) announced on the twelfth that they’re pursuing a merger between Riot and SKT’s affiliate Sapion Korea to secure global AI infrastructure competitiveness.

A Riot official said, “We plan to solidly proceed with our existing cooperation and business with KT.”

Each corporations view the subsequent two to 3 years as a ‘golden time’ for domestic corporations to dominate the worldwide AI semiconductor market, and plan to launch an integrated corporation inside this yr after signing the most important contract within the third quarter.

Riot and Sapion Korea are bringing together the event capabilities and know-how they’ve proven within the NPU market. Riot can be answerable for the management of the merged corporation, and SKT plans to support the domestic and overseas business of the merged corporation as a strategic investor.

Riot has grown rapidly since its founding in 2020 and has been recognized as having a company value of KRW 880 billion, and is currently developing the next-generation AI semiconductor ‘REBEL’ targeting the massive language model (LLM) market.

Sapion Korea is an organization spun off from SKT’s internal research and development organization in 2016, and has expanded its business scope to autonomous driving and edge services through the event of AI semiconductors.

Reporter Park Soo-bin


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