Suncheon City promotes the opening of Suncheon Bay National Garden through a tourism fair


Suncheon Bay National Garden booth on the Suncheon City Tourism Fair (Photo = Suncheon City)

Suncheon City (Mayor Noh Gwan-gyu) announced that it would take part in the '2024 Naenara Travel Expo' held on the Yangjae aT Center situated in Seocho-gu, Seoul until the thirty first and perform various promotional activities for the opening of Suncheon Bay National Garden and the garden work program.

This fair is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and arranged by the Korea Tourism Association, and about 200 organizations participate and roughly 440 booths are operated.

Suncheon is actively engaging in marketing activities to draw travelers from Seoul and the Gyeonggi metropolitan area through this expo. To this end, we operate the Suncheon City Tourism Promotion Center and transcend providing easy tourist information to advertise the opening of Suncheon Bay National Garden, Garden Walk, and Suncheon Bay National Garden in fun and inventive ways, corresponding to shuffleboard games and SNS cheering comment events commemorating the opening of the National Garden & Garden Walk. We’re intensively promoting urban spring trips.

A Suncheon official said, “We decided to take part in the Naenara Travel Expo to draw visitors to the Suncheon Bay National Garden and Garden Walk, which opens on April 1,” and added, “Tourists from Seoul and the metropolitan area will visit Suncheon, town of gardens. “I need to experience the wonder and return,” he said.

Meanwhile, Suncheon Bay National Garden, which can be transformed into a very recent form of K-Disney Suncheon experience center with recent cultural contents, will begin welcoming visitors from the first of next month.

Reporter Lee Yu-seon


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