Configuring Pytest to Run Doctest



Learn learn how to configure pytest in pyproject.toml to run doctests

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Modern Python projects are managed by pyproject.toml files. You should utilize it to administer each regular projects and Python packages, which makes this file a general tool to establish Python projects of varied types.

The pyproject.toml file can contain the whole lot your project needs, like:

  • Metadata, corresponding to the name of the project, version, authors, license, classifiers, URL, and outline (each short and long).
  • The configuration of the event and production environment, meaning dependencies and optional dependencies.
  • Configuration of development tools, corresponding to black, ruff, pylint, pytest, and lots of others.

When the project gets big, you may move much of this information to other configuration files, like pytest.ini, requirements.txt, requirements_dev.txt, and so forth. But when a pyproject.toml doesn’t get overly long, I keep all the data inside it — this makes the project’s root directory small.

That is just basic details about pyproject.toml files. If you desire to learn more about using it, you may accomplish that from here:

In this text, I need to debate a selected scenario during which we are able to use a pyproject.toml file with a view to configure pytest to run doctest tests. As you will note, it’s quite simple to attain. With this simplicity, you’ll receive a really powerful tool: a test runner for each pytest and doctest tests. I may even show you learn how to configure doctests, including typical doctest flags and running doctest tests implemented in each documentation files and Python scripts.

As a way to show learn how to do that, we’ll work with a brand recent Python package. I’ll create its structure using the makepackage package:


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