Korea Western Power, partnership with French company to bid for 1.5GW solar energy in UAE


(Photo: Korea Western Power)

Korea Western Power (CEO Park Hyeong-deok) joined hands once more with the French state-owned power company to proceed with a 1.5GW (gigawatt) solar energy bidding project within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Korea Western Power signed a joint development agreement (JDA) for the UAE Khazna 1.5GW solar energy bidding project with EDF-R, a latest and renewable power generation subsidiary of the French National Electric Power Company (EDF), in Dubai, UAE.

On the event, about 10 officials from each corporations, including Western Power Business Division President Search engine marketing Gyu-seok and EDF-R Senior Middle East and Africa Vice President François Dao, attended.

It was said that this JDA is the results of the connection of trust that Korea Western Power and EDF-R have built while successively winning orders for the five hundred MW solar energy bidding project in Mana, Oman and the 1.5 GW solar energy bidding project in Azban, UAE, since 2023. The 2 corporations agreed to jointly take part in the Kazuna 1.5GW solar energy bidding project being carried out within the UAE in the primary half of this 12 months and win the contract for a really large project again.

The Kazna 1.5GW solar energy bidding project is an ultra-large solar energy project promoted by the UAE Abu Dhabi government following the Azban 1.5GW solar energy project awarded by Western Power. It is going to be accomplished within the Al Khazna area in 2027 and operate for 30 years.

Korea Western Power can be accountable for financing, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) negotiations, and power plant maintenance and maintenance (O&M) for the project based on its high credit standing and technological capabilities. We also collaborate with domestic corporations to localize major equipment.

Starting with this joint development agreement, Western Power plans to solidify its position as a world energy company by further developing major renewable energy and green hydrogen businesses within the Middle East and North Africa, including Oman and Kuwait.

François Dao, Senior Vice President of EDF-R for the Middle East and Africa, said, “I’m very joyful that the connection that the 2 corporations have built over the past few years has been rewarded with successive orders,” and added, “We’ll do our greatest to attain good leads to this UAE Kazna solar energy bidding project.”

Search engine marketing Gyu-seok, Business Division President of Western Power, said, “Each corporations have demonstrated high competitiveness and mutual synergy within the Middle East market through the success of the Mana in Oman and Azban projects within the UAE,” adding, “We’ll leverage our experience in winning consecutive orders within the Middle East market due to the federal government’s full support.” “We’ll produce leads to the Kazuna project and follow-up projects as well,” he said.

Reporter Taeyong Kim future@aitimes.com


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