The common annual salary of US AI job groups is 185 million won


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It was found that the common annual salary for artificial intelligence (AI) jobs in US corporations is around $146,000 (about 185 million won).

CNBC reported on the thirteenth (local time), citing a tally of worldwide job search platform Adjuna, that the common annual salary suggested by 173,000 job postings in the USA last month reached $146,000.

Based on the tally, common AI job categories were software engineers, product designers, deep learning architects, and data scientists. But there was also a whole lot of demand for tax managers and accountants who could handle AI tools.

“Accounting firms and consulting firms are increasingly on the lookout for tax managers and accountants with AI skills to make use of large language models to make their business more efficient,” said James Neve, head of knowledge science at Adjuna.

Particularly, a job category with an absolute shortage of qualified applicants related to AI is a tax manager, who earns a median annual salary of $100,445 (roughly 127 million won) in keeping with Adjuna data, in keeping with CNBC.

AI jobs have been explosively increasing because the advent of ‘Chat GPT’ last 12 months. It’s because as corporations are actively integrating chatbots and generative AI technologies into their businesses, they’re actively hiring individuals with the obligatory skills.

“AI is a vital skill that employers are on the lookout for in all industries,” said Jay Shankar, Vice President of Recruitment for Amazon Web Services.

Reporter Jeong Byeong-il


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