Tamagotchi of memories, released as a metaverse version


Tamagotchi Uni (Photo = Bandai Namco)

The ‘Tamagotchi’, which first appeared in 1996 and enjoyed great popularity and was revived every 10 years and continued its life, is now released as a metaverse version.

The Verge introduced on the sixth (local time) that Bandai Namco will release a latest ‘Tamagotch Uni’ on the fifteenth.

This version, which might be pre-booked through Amazon from the twelfth, allows users to attach with ‘Tamaverse’, ‘the metaverse of the Tamagotchi world’, ‘Tama Arena’, ‘Dama Party’, ‘Tama Fashion’ and ‘Tama Travel’. ‘.

“By connecting the device to Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to communicate and meet other Tamagotchi world wide,” said Tarabadi, senior director of name strategy for Bandai Namco’s US division. Nonetheless, direct communication between players just isn’t possible.

(Photo = Bandai Namco)
(Photo = Bandai Namco)

As well as, this version might be worn in the shape of a watch just like the Apple Watch by attaching a wrist band. The band is pink and purple.

As well as, it supports 20 varieties of characters, mini-game function, USB-C type rechargeable battery, and seven languages ​​including English and Spanish. The worth is $59.99 (about 78,000 won).

Reporter Kang Doo-won ainews@aitimes.com


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