Government pronounces ‘Digital Bill of Rights’ in September to present digital order


President Yoon Seok-yeol gives a speech at Harvard University during a state visit to america. (Photo = Office of the President)

The federal government will announce the ‘Digital Bill of Rights’ in September, which can present the essential direction of the brand new digital order. To this end, a public-private consultative body will likely be formed in addition to a ‘digital public forum’ in August where anyone can express their opinions.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong-ho) announced the ‘plan for establishing a latest digital order’ as a part of a follow-up to President’s Latest York Initiative last yr, the Davos Forum in January this yr, and Harvard University’s speech during this state visit to america at a cupboard meeting presided over by President Yoon Seok-yeol. ‘, and announced on the 2nd that the pan-governmental response will likely be promoted in earnest.

The federal government identified that with the appearance of the era of deepening digital, where digital triggers great changes in all areas, reminiscent of on a regular basis life in addition to economy, society, and culture, reminiscent of ChatGPT, various latest issues that didn’t exist prior to now are arising. He explained that the problem of digital intensification is a difficulty that individuals will actually face of their every day lives, and that it has a fancy and diverse nature of interests, but there is no such thing as a clear normative system for this issue.

Accordingly, with the intention to accommodate the good changes brought on by digital deepening and fully enjoy digital advantages, it’s the position that it’s most vital to determine a latest normative system for digital deepening issues and increase social acceptance.

The Digital Bill of Rights stipulates ▲Vision and goal of digital deepening ▲Universal values ​​to be pursued ▲Rights and responsibilities of every subject (citizen, company, government, etc.) ▲Common standards and principles for resolving digital deepening issues. will likely be reflected in policies (laws and systems, regulatory innovation, etc.)

As well as, a public-private consultative body involving academia, industry, and consumer groups will likely be formed to advertise social discussion and public debate in earnest, reminiscent of discussions with stakeholders and gathering expert opinions to resolve digital issues.

As well as, with the intention to raise public awareness of the digital order and induce citizen participation, we plan to determine a ‘digital public forum’ in August where anyone can freely discuss major digital issues chosen based on urgency, impact, and national interest. am.

With the intention to increase the policy effectiveness of the digital order, the government-wide response to digitalization is analyzed, and the ‘digital intensification response’ is commonly diagnosed annually to hunt and derive policy directions, and is reflected within the policy. It’s planned to be utilized in discussions on digital norms.

Going beyond a digital powerhouse, Korea plans to steer discussions on global digital norms as a model country within the era of digital deepening. To begin with, we’ll actively reflect our position and policy in discussions on digital norms in international organizations reminiscent of the G20, UN, and OECD, and particularly, we’ll strive to spread the digital order globally by establishing the ‘OECD Digital Future Forum’ led by Korea inside this yr. plan.

Minister of Science and ICT Lee Jong-ho said, “Following the Latest York Initiative in September of last yr, I’m very grateful that the President of Korea has been leading the way in which in presenting the long run vision and direction of digital norm discussions which are actively underway all over the world through this speech at Harvard University. “Now that now we have prepared a pan-governmental promotion plan, we’ll work closely with related ministries and establish a latest order within the era of digital deepening as a digital model country through sufficient social public discussion.”

Reporter Lim Dae-jun


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