Korea National Standards Institute promotes 7 promising test services, including AI reliability evaluation and industrial robots


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The National Agency for Technology and Standards (President Jin Jong-wook) promotes the ‘promising test service development project’ to develop 7 kinds of test and certification services in promising areas for market expansion and export, akin to artificial intelligence (AI) reliability evaluation test certification service and industrial robot application performance standards. It was announced on the 2nd.

The promising test service development project is a project that develops test methods, procedures, and certification standards for brand new technologies and services which can be expected to grow in the long run, and issues internationally recognized reports to firms. Official test results are provided by accredited test institutes recognized by the Korea Accreditation Organization (KOLAS), and the issued test results are commonly utilized in 105 countries, including america, Japan, and Vietnam, without duplicate tests.

This yr’s project discovered 65 tasks through a technology demand survey, and after comprehensively evaluating policyability, technology, and value among the many 65 tasks, the ultimate seven test certification service development tasks were chosen.

Amongst them, ▲AI technology reliability evaluation ▲Broadband magnetic field tolerance performance evaluation test certification service of medical devices ▲Performance and reliability test certification service of next-generation display products were chosen within the high-tech field. That is to support the event of test services within the high-tech field where existing test and certification services are absent.

In the sphere of export industry, ▲industrial robot application field safety and performance level test and certification service ▲export-type nuclear power plant safety rating device electromagnetic compatibility verification requirement test and certification service ▲medical device cyber security test and certification service ▲fridges and freezers that use large amounts of explosive refrigerants Explosion-proof test certification service for Korea was chosen.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology declares the support task on the web site of the National Agency for Technology and Standards and the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology, and after receiving the applying for the project by June 2, it plans to pick the ultimate operator in June.

Jin Jong-wook, head of the National Institute of Technology and Standards, said, “We expect that the event of testing and certification service standards for promising export fields will contribute to the expansion and growth of our industry, and we’ll proceed to construct a foundation for testing and certification services in promising recent technology fields in the long run.”

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com


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