T3Q, Daejeon Jungil High School AI Hunminjeongeum Basic Education


Park Byeong-hoon, CEO of T3Q, is giving a lecture to Daejeon Jungil High School students. (Photo = T3Q)

T3Q (CEO Park Byung-hun) announced on the 18th that it had conducted ‘Easy to Use Artificial Intelligence’ training using T3Q AI Hunminjeongeum for 80 middle and highschool students in Daejeon.

Initially, on the seventh, Park Byeong-hoon, CEO of T3Q, gave a special lecture on AI at the attention level of highschool students, citing several examples. On the 14th, he practiced with AI Hunminjeongeum for example of easy application of AI to real life.

AI Hunminjeongeum is a use case tool that stands for ‘Easy AI’, the motto of T3Q. It’s spreading to national AI, battlefield AI, and AI for all industries.

Ko Dae-young, director of the Gwangju branch, said, “I used to be surprised by the sincerity of the scholars.”

CEO Park Byeong-hoon said, “If there may be a middle school or highschool requesting in the longer term, we’ll conduct education to go to T3Q AI Hunminjeongeum anywhere.”

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com


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