KISTI-KRISS Signed MOU for Reference Standardization of Research Data


Park Hyun-min, president of KRISS (left), and Kim Jae-soo, president of KISTI, are posing after signing an MOU. (Photo = KISTI)

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI, President Kim Jae-soo) held a joint cooperation agreement ceremony and signed an MOU with the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS, President Park Hyeon-min) for DataON linkage and dissemination of reference standards and reference standardization of research data. announced on the 18th.

This business agreement goals to link the reference standards possessed by KRISS and mutual cooperation for reference standardization of KISTI’s research data. Specifically, ▲Technical cooperation and mutual exchange to link and supply reference standard metadata with the National Research Data Platform Dataon ▲Technical cooperation and mutual exchange to determine reference standards for national R&D research data inside the National Research Data Platform Dataon ▲ The principal content is research and mutual exchange for the sharing and utilization of science and technology knowledge infrastructure.

Dataon is a national research data platform service built and operated by KISTI, which supports systematic sharing, management, search, and utilization of research data.

Through this, the intention is to extend the accuracy and reliability of research data by linking KRISS’s reference standard to Dataon operated by KISTI and expanding the dissemination system by reference standardizing research data of Dataon.

Kim Jae-soo, president of KISTI, said, “By utilizing the research data sharing and utilization system that KISTI is constructing to support data-based R&D with reference standard data that may guarantee the reliability of data, the reliability of R&D activities is improved and latest technology R&D support is supported. We expect to contribute to it.”

Park Hyun-min, president of KRISS, said, “If we connect reference standards, that are high-quality data certified to the national research data platform, the dissemination and distribution of reference standards will expand.” We hope to extend technical accuracy and reliability.”

Reporter Lim Dae-jun


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