How one can get useful responses from ChatGPT? Learn Prompt Engineering Basics! What’s a Prompt?


All of us have been hearing about ChatGPT for quite a while now. I’m sure each one in every of us has asked something very random to ChatGPT, and might or won’t have received a formidable response though. Well, as many leaders have been talking about, it is time that we upgrade our skillset & grow to be proficient in using AI Tools effectively.

I even have been exploring ChatGPT for some time now, whether it’s using it for research or counting on helpful YouTube videos and online e-books to learn the right way to use it properly.

On this blog, I’ll be Summarizing the learnings I even have had about ChatGPT till now, Sharing tricks for creative prompts with examples & resources for further learning.

In easy words, We all the time should command the AI tool to get effective, relevant & useful responses. This command known as a Prompt. If we’re able to offer good commands, the outcomes may even be good. Nonetheless, if our commands are weak, the outcomes are also expected to be weak.

The technique of designing effective prompts known as Now, let’s explore the right way to create effective ChatGPT prompts that encourage engaging and informative conversations.

💪The Power of Defining Purpose and Focus

Before you begin to put in writing the prompt, it’s important that you may have a transparent idea of what you’re trying to realize through this conversation. Is your goal to offer information, get a solution, or get a suggestion?


To make your prompts easy to know, it’s necessary to be clear and temporary. Avoid using extra words or phrases that might distract from the major point of the prompt.

😌Define your Jargons

In the event you are using jargon or technical terms in your prompt, make certain to offer clear definitions for them. This can help ChatGPT create simpler responses because it leaves less space for misunderstanding between the user & GPT.

Example of a Weak Prompt
Example of an Effective Prompt

🙅‍♂️Avoid Ambiguous Language

Oh, and similar to humans, ChatGPT also gets anxious around ambiguity, Just Kidding. Principally, using language that may result in multiple interpretations might be confusing & result in misunderstandings, which is certainly not on our to-do list. So, aim to be as specific as possible in your prompts and avoid using words or phrases which have multiple meanings.

🎭The ‘Act As” hack

Well, that is one trick with which I even have been insanely obsessed. What happens here is that you simply ask ChatGPT to act as a “specific person” and get their advice on anything. Let’s understand through the below example;

I hope you found this text helpful 🤞. I even have tried to maintain it short & crisp. I’m linking some insightful articles & resources that I got here across and have used as a reference point.

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