Spring Cloud, Tier 4 Fixmoving and Autonomous Driving Field Cooperation MOU


Youngki Song, CEO of Spring Cloud (from left), Tier 4 CEO Kato Shinpei, and Mateo Barale, CEO of Fixmoving are posing after signing an MOU. (Photo = Spring Cloud)

Spring Cloud (CEO Song Young-ki), an organization specializing in self-driving, announced on the 18th that it had signed a business agreement with Italian fix moving and Tier 4, a Japanese self-driving solution company, to strengthen competitiveness in the sector of self-driving mobility and expand its global business.

With this agreement as a possibility, Spring Cloud has decided to tackle the role of a Tier 4 domestic technology development center. Its role is to produce Tier 4 open source self-driving software platforms to domestic universities, research institutes, and self-driving-related firms.

As well as, FixMoving’s hardware platform was optimized for the domestic environment and decided to be produced and supplied through parts assembly and production.

Together with this, the three firms decided to create a sustainable joint business model within the autonomous driving field by sharing one another’s customer networks and business information.

CEO Song Young-ki said, “We expect to extend the efficiency of self-driving technology development and expand our business by cooperating with global firms.” .

Reporter Hojeong Na hojeong9983@aitimes.com


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