Trend of ‘Persona’ service that offers personality to AI chatbots


Introduction image of ‘Super Chat’ within the App Store (Photo = Gorilla Technologies)

‘Persona’ services that differentiate conversations by giving artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots virtual personalities are emerging one after one other. As AI chatbots gain popularity, it seems an try to differentiate themselves.

Based on foreign media outlets equivalent to TechCrunch, launched such a service in January, followed by Israeli startup D-ID last month with the same service. As well as, it is understood that Google is preparing related services equivalent to acquiring Alter, an AI avatar startup, for $100 million (roughly 131.7 billion won) following Gorilla Technologies.

‘Super Chat’, recently launched by Gorilla Technologies, is a mobile AI chat app that implements Persona. Using ChatGPT, not only historical figures equivalent to Shakespeare, Einstein, and Cleopatra, but additionally fictional characters equivalent to Snow White and Sherlock Holmes, and experts equivalent to gardeners and chefs were implemented as personas. The character picture was created with Midjourney.

It has similar functions to other chat apps, however it is characterised by a distinct way of speaking and explanations in keeping with the characteristics of the persona.

Guillermo Paglioni, CEO of Gorilla Technologies, said, “The app can be an amazing tool for teenagers who need to learn more about historical figures through chatting with characters like Shakespeare. Our goal is to get everyone excited and exposed to AI technology.” .

Persona of Super Chat (Photo Credit=Gorilla Technologies)
Persona of Super Chat (Photo Credit=Gorilla Technologies)

When it comes to performance, the service is evaluated to be superior to this.

In Character.AI, you possibly can have a conversation with 350 real or virtual characters, including Socrates, Elon Musk, and Harry Potter. Among the many personas revealed on the time, Apple CEO Tim Cook was included, and ‘fake Tim Cook’ showed a natural response to the upcoming iPhone 15, 16, 17, and 18.

Specifically, drew attention because it was known to have been created by Daniel de Praters and Noam Shazier, who developed Google’s chatbot ‘Lambda’.

D-ID’s service also introduces technology that supports not only virtual humans like real people but additionally voice.

As well as, TechCrunch sees the ‘Fou’ chatbot announced by Quarr last week because the ‘endgame king’ that not only allows users to pick out ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude, etc., but additionally adds a customizing function that enables them to directly enter a particular persona. said it could.

It was identified that this trend shows an intention to ride the chatbot boom somewhat than technology development. Based on statistics from, a mobile specialist, the highest 10 AI apps within the app market in the primary quarter of this yr recorded sales of greater than 14 million dollars (roughly 18.4 billion won).

Reporter Kang Doo-won


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