US government moves to manage AI in earnest



The US government has begun to actively prepare regulations to secure the security of artificial intelligence (AI).

Various foreign media outlets, including The Guardian, reported on the eleventh (local time) that the US Department of Commerce has officially requested help from the private sector to hunt advice or suggestions to give you a policy that may secure AI accountability.

In response to this, Deputy Secretary of Commerce Alan Davidson said at a press conference, “The federal government needs public input to find out what the AI ​​regulatory framework should appear like.” “We’re looking for feedback from the general public, including privacy organizations.”

It also seeks to ascertain guardrails that allow the US government to find out whether AI systems work as corporations claim, are secure and effective, have discriminatory outcomes, or reflect unacceptable levels of bias. added.

“We’ve to maneuver fast because AI technologies are developing in a short time,” he said. “Unlike other technologies, we feel a much greater urgency for them.”

Previously, the Biden administration announced the ‘AI Bill of Rights Blueprint’ and declared the principles of securing safety, equivalent to personal information protection and discrimination of algorithms, and securing transparency of automated systems. As well as, the National Institute of Standards and Technology published a risk management framework to extend the security of AI and urged corporations to voluntarily adopt it.

(Photo = shutterstock)
(Photo = shutterstock)

Meanwhile, in China, the Cyberspace Administration (CAC), an online supervisory body, announced draft regulatory guidelines related to generative AI-related products on the eleventh, the South China Morning Post reported.

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