4 Free Prompt Engineering Courses to Join The Top 1% of ChatGPT Users


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As you may know, prompt engineering is a skill that it is advisable to know to master ChatGPT, and that may assist you to grow to be a prompt engineer, which is a job that pays as much as $335,000 a yr.

Today, you’ll be able to learn prompt engineering from scratch with some free courses and resources that I’ve listed in this text.

Listed below are the most effective free prompt engineering resources on the web.

Note: Prompt engineering is a field lower than 2 years old or so. Ensure that to not sleep to this point with the most recent papers and complement your learning with up-to-date guides.

1. Best practices for prompt engineering (by OpenAI)

This primary resource isn’t extensive, but I desired to put it on top of the list because is a guide made by OpenAI about the most effective practices for prompt engineering.

Within the guide, you’ll see a listing of dos and don’ts for prompting. Listed below are a number of the concepts and suggestions covered within the guide:

  • Be specific, descriptive, and as detailed as possible concerning the desired context, final result, length, format, style, etc
  • Articulate the specified output format through examples
  • Zero-shot prompt and Few-shot prompt
  • As a substitute of just saying what to not do, say what to do as a substitute
  • Parameters (very useful for API and Playground users)

The OpenAI guide is a very good start line to familiarize yourself with prompt engineering, so I highly recommend you test it out.

2. Learn Prompting

Learn prompting is an in depth Notion documentation to learn prompt engineering from scratch.

The teachings cover core concepts that don’t require programming knowledge like what’s artificial intelligence to advanced concepts like prompt tuning.

Here’s the content in the primary module.


But that’s not all! There are lots of more modules which are thoroughly organized from beginner to advanced. The teachings are split into 4 levels: green, yellow, red, and purple which represent Beginner-friendly, easy, intermediate, and advanced levels, respectively.

One other cool thing concerning the site is that there’s an exclusive section for image prompting that may assist you to profit from AI tools like Midjourney.

Free YouTube Mini Courses

There are some small courses on YouTube which are value watching should you’re latest to prompt engineering.

First, we now have this Beginner’s Guide to Prompt Engineering with GPT-4 which is largely an outline of prompt engineering that covers the next concepts:

  • What’s Prompt Engineering?
  • What’s OpenAI Playground?
  • Role Prompting
  • Shot Prompting
  • Chain of Thought Prompting
  • Opportunities for Prompt Engineers

The second video is a 30-minute ChatGPT prompt engineering course, which covers core concepts like basic terminology similar to NLP, LLM, AI, etc, in addition to prompting use cases, some parameters it is advisable to know, and necessary skills to grow to be a prompt engineer.

Prompt Engineering Guide

The last resource is a guide that comprises the most recent papers, guides, models, lectures, references, and tools related to prompt engineering.

The data you’ll find on this guide is analogous to the previous resources, but unlike the opposite options, this guide isn’t only available in English but in addition in Portuguese, Turkish and Chinese.


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