‘ChatGPT’ is prone to litigation as a consequence of the dissemination of incorrect personal information


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It has been argued that ‘Chat GPT’ gave out users’ personal information or disseminated misinformation. There have been also victims who said they’d file a defamation lawsuit against OpenAI.

AFP reported on the fifth (local time) that France’s personal data protection supervisory authority (CNIL) has received two complaints related to ChatGPT’s handling of non-public information.

When a developer named David Libora was asked about his profile on ChatGPT, he gave a solution containing personal information, and when asked for more information, he falsely fabricated a story.

As well as, Reuters reported that Mayor Brian Hood of Hepburn Shire, Australia, said, “I’m giving out false information that I even have been convicted of a bribery scandal.” .

Mayor Brian Hood is the party who reported the bribery case to the authorities, and it’s claimed that ChatGPT turned him right into a criminal.

Regarding this, OpenAI said, “We’re doing our greatest to guard personal information,” and expressed a position that “We consider that ChatGPT complies with the relevant laws.”

Jeong Byeong-il, member jbi@aitimes.com


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