KOSA Establishes ‘Super-Giant AI Promotion Association’…Participation of 18 corporations including 3 telecommunications corporations


Cho Joon-hee, chairman of KOSA (seventh from left), and members of the super-giant AI promotion association executives are taking a commemorative photo. (Photo = KOSA)

The Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA) and 18 major domestic artificial intelligence (AI) corporations are forming a consultative body for the event of super-giant artificial intelligence (AI) technology and industry.

KOSA announced on the sixth that it held a gathering of promoters of the ‘Super Giant AI Promotion Council’ on the IT Enterprise Tower in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 4th and appointed Naver Cloud and LG AI Research Institute as co-chairmen.

Executives included 18 corporations specializing in AI and cloud, in addition to three telecommunications corporations and enormous corporations. SK Telecom, KT, LG U+, Samsung SDS, LG CNS, SK C&C, NHN Diequest, Ssangyong Information & Communications, East Soft, Bespin Global, Rutten Technologies, Megazone Cloud, Saltlux, Wisenut, Cloocus, 42maru, etc. am.

To start with, the council was to play the role of a hub to create various application services using super-giant AI through collaboration between corporations.

As well as, together with proposals to enhance policies and systems that may solve various challenges faced by super-giant AI, it is set to advertise measures to create a basis for activating super-giant AI, reminiscent of securing large quantities of high-quality learning data and configuring a GPU farm.

At this meeting, it was explained that the direction of the council was established and plans for omnidirectional activities were concreted. The official inauguration of the council is scheduled for next month.

Meanwhile, domestic corporations with super-large AI reminiscent of OpenAI’s GPT-4 include SKT (Adot), KT (Faith), LG (ExaOne), Naver (HyperClova), and Kakao Brain (CoGPT).

Cho Joon-hee, chairman of KOSA, said, “I expect that the council could have a powerful momentum in the longer term with the appointment of the 2 leading corporations as presidents.”

Reporter Lim Dae-jun ydj@aitimes.com


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