ChatGPT ‘plug-in’ is a game changer…may reduce web and app traffic


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It has been predicted that the ‘Plugins’ function that OpenAI unveiled on the twenty third will function an ‘AI game changer’ that reduces using existing web sites or applications.

It is because, through the use of the plug-in function, ‘Chat GPT’ could be used to perform various functions equivalent to searching for brand spanking new information, checking detailed data, and booking flights.

On the twenty eighth (local time), Enterprise Beat introduced ChatGPT’s plug-in function as ‘AI game changer’ and introduced such a case. A plug-in is an added function to beat the restrictions of ChatGPT, equivalent to fetching information from the online in real time or connecting to other applications to look for information.

Based on this, the GPT-4 plug-in function can replace the mobile app. It is claimed that should you proceed with payment directly using ChatGPT, you’ll be able to reduce 15 to 30% of the fee paid to mobile platforms equivalent to Apple or Google.

As well as, it was identified that there’s a high possibility that security problems related to sensitive data attributable to real-time search and the importance of ‘vector database’, which was used only by large search firms, shall be highlighted.

A vector database refers to data that compares the similarity of objects, finds close matches, and provides accurate results while removing irrelevant results. A ‘vector’ is a set of numerical measurements in machine learning that describes and represents various characteristics of an object.

Sites that wish to publish information to ChatGPT’s plugins now need access to the vector database, which serves as ‘long-term memory’. It is thought that related firms equivalent to Pinecon are busy responding to orders from firms which can be currently flocking to them.

Meanwhile, a digital expert named Himanshu Sharma claimed on Twitter that “You will need to block the plugin before ChatGPT can use your website totally free.”

Reporter Lim Dae-jun


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