AI Industry Convergence Project Group to reveal healthcare-related data at the tip of the yr


AI Healthcare Demonstration Center’s photo. (Photo = Artificial Intelligence Industry Convergence Project Group)

The AI ​​Industry Convergence Project Group (Director Kim Joon-ha) discloses a considerable amount of healthcare-related data collected thus far without cost use by firms which have been searching for businesses within the healthcare field.

The AI ​​Industry Convergence Project Group announced on the thirty first that it should collect the info collected thus far on the Health Care Demonstration Center in Gwangju Bitgoeul Elderly Health Town and the info throughout the K-Health business platform and concurrently open it at the tip of the yr within the Data Secure Zone throughout the AI ​​Startup Camp.

The protected area is an area where AI firms can stably analyze and utilize unopened data without exporting it. Provides the collected healthcare data after obtaining user consent through procedures equivalent to de-identification.

The project group has collected various sorts of data by measuring about 1,000 elderly people per healthcare measurement equipment built on the AI ​​Healthcare Demonstration Center in Bitgoeul Senior Health Town.

The Bitgoeul Elderly Health Town Health Care Demonstration Center, which opened in 2021, builds a complete of 16 sorts of health care equipment, provides self-health management services to the elderly, collects body composition, gait, body shape, fatigue, and strength data of the elderly, there may be.

The project team also decided to reveal data throughout the K-Health business medical data integration platform within the healthcare data safety zone throughout the AI ​​start-up camp. Chonnam National University Hospital, Chosun University Hospital, and Korea Smart Healthcare Association are participating on this platform construction project.

Director Kim Jun-ha expects, “By activating using AI healthcare data collected for the aim of disclosure, we are going to resolve the difficulties of startups who’ve ideas but suffer from a scarcity of knowledge, and contribute to the event of the healthcare industry.”

Reporter Hojeong Na


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