Microsoft launches cyber security helper powered by ‘GPT-4’


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Microsoft (MS) has released ‘Security Co-Pilot’, a synthetic intelligence (AI) tool that may also help cyber security experts.

A lot of foreign media including TechCrunch reported on the twenty eighth (local time) that MS has introduced the identical function to the safety field after installing an AI helper function under the name of ‘Co-Pilot’ in office products.

‘Security Co-Pilot’ is designed not only to discover security attacks but in addition to know the large amount of signals and data generated daily. It’s characterised by greatly improved performance by utilizing ‘GPT-4’.

Like a chatbot, you’ll be able to command the prompt input window to request or summarize various data with natural language prompts. It’s just like the brand new ‘Bing Chat’, except which you could only enter security-related questions.

It could also help with accident investigations or quickly summarize and report incidents. You can even request a file or URL for vulnerability summary and evaluation. It also serves to help accident investigators as all prompts and responses are stored. You can even create PowerPoint slides explaining security incidents and attack vectors.

Nonetheless, it has limitations that don’t at all times do the suitable thing. It is a drawback that MS has also acknowledged.

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