“For the event of generative AI, the standard that even experts are satisfied with is required”


Nvidia manager Search engine optimisation Wan-seok (clockwise from top left), Recon Labs CTO Yoon Kyung-won, Flask CEO Lee Jun-ho, Supertone CEO Heo Hoon, and Cleon CEO Jin Seung-hyuk are discussing on the GTC ‘Korea AI Day Inception Showcase’. (Photo = Nvidia)

Representative generative artificial intelligence (AI) corporations in Korea agreed that a high level of generative quality is required to satisfy even experts.

Recon Labs, Supertone, Cleon, Flask, etc. participated within the GTC 2023 ‘Korea AI Day Inception Showcase’ held online on the twenty fourth, and updated the most recent business and technology trends. We discussed problems and solutions.

These corporations are partners within the NVIDIA Inception program, which supports the event of cutting-edge startups around the globe, and are recognized for his or her technological prowess. Recon Labs is representative of AI-based 3D modeling, Supertone AI voice synthesis, Cleon AI digital human, and Flask 3D animation.

On this discussion, the panel members agreed on the restrictions of generative AI and the important thing elements to beat them.

Heo Hoon, CEO of Supertone, identified, “Generative AI is having a huge impact this yr, nevertheless it doesn’t appear to have modified the best way skilled creators produce it yet.”

As well as, he cited ‘controllability’ as a vital element to unravel this, saying, “Creation is barely step one in content production, and it’s vital to refine it intimately to derive the outcome.”

Controllability is about enabling generative AI to supply concrete results, and currently all it does is refine text prompts. In fact, AI models have gotten increasingly sophisticated and controllability is expanding, but to unravel this problem, corporations are even hiring prompters at high prices.

Yoon Kyung-won, CTO of Recon Labs, said, “Like a hair salon that verbally explains what type of hair you should do, the specified result won’t come out. You have to some control,” he said.

Junho Lee, CEO of Flask, also said, “There have been many users of generative AI similar to ChatGPT, nevertheless it seems to have been used simply as a fun factor.”

As well as, they identified cost reduction as a crucial task. It’s an opinion that costs ought to be reduced by improving the high-capacity data processing method and calculation speed, and ‘light AI service’.

Jin Seung-hyeok, CEO of Cleon, said, “It’s going to be a crucial task for generative AI to have the option to receive high-quality ends in real time even with a small amount of knowledge,” and “reducing time and value is the direction of development of generative AI technology.” said.

Kyungwon Yoon, CTO of Recon Labs, also revealed that the ‘NeRF (Non-Extensible Reduced Firmware)’ technology in use causes great costs in addition to excellent results.

As well as, participating corporations held an hour-long discussion by introducing their business contents and visions.

“It was great to have the option to work alongside these improbable startups within the NVIDIA Inception ecosystem,” said Wan-Seok Search engine optimisation, Relations Manager at NVIDIA, who hosted the event. It’s going to result in a greater future,” he concluded the discussion.

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com


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