An organization specializing in productivity challenges Microsoft and Google with its expertise


Firms specializing in ‘productivity’ challenged Microsoft (MS) and Google. It’s evaluated that it has sufficient competitiveness by adding generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to expertise and differentiation in each field.

Initially, Reuters reported on the twenty third (local time) that the generative AI technology of artificial intelligence (AI) startup Tome gained popularity, and the variety of users tripled to three million in a single month.

In accordance with this, Tom’s service creates a presentation document of as much as 25 pages only with text input based on GPT-4. It collides head-on with ‘MS 365 Co-Pilot’, which applies GPT-4 to Word, Excel, and PPT.

Specifically, it’s evaluated that Tom can easily create sophisticated documents with specific text prompts, as the corporate motto is ‘specialized in storytelling’.

“We developed business services based on user demand,” said CEO Keith Ferris Tom.

Last month, Tom succeeded in attracting an investment of 43 million dollars (about 55.5 billion won) with a company value of 300 million dollars (about 387 billion won). The Tom service is currently free, and it is thought that a paid service for businesses that costs $10 per 30 days can also be being prepared.

On the identical day, TechCrunch introduced that graphic design platform Canva launched a recent tool based on generative AI through an internet event.

Through a service called ‘Magic Light’, users can get ideas and create results for a wide range of documents, from presentations to flyers and graphics for social media.

As well as, you may specify the type of the document through ‘Magic Design’, and you may modify or edit images with ‘Magic Edit’. It also supports 18 languages ​​and 953 fonts. It’s evaluated that it has competitiveness when it comes to design.

“We first launched the service 10 years ago with our vision to empower everyone, no matter skill or experience, to design anything,” said Canva CEO Melanie Perkins. I’m comfortable,” he said.

Canva now has greater than 120 million monthly users and is claimed to have created over 15 billion designs through its platform.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun


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