How you can use the ‘ChatGPT’ prompt well


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With a purpose to get the most effective results with ‘ChatGPT’, you could enter the prompt well.

Business Insider introduced three suggestions from a rising prompt engineer on the nineteenth (local time). That is what Anna Berstein, who works as a prompt engineer at Copy Dot AI, recommends.

He advisable using the thesaurus first. A thesaurus is a thesaurus that incorporates synonyms and antonyms. In computer search, it refers to a vocabulary that indicates the connection between keywords, that’s, the connection between synonyms, sub-words, and related words.

Next, they were asked to listen to the verb. Include verbs in your prompts that clearly express your intent, so AI can higher understand your request. For instance, as a substitute of the directive “shorten this”, it’s higher to say “rewrite this shorter”.

The last tip is to make use of ‘ChatGPT’ since it is sweet at identifying user intentions. It’s about making it clear what you wish to do from the beginning. For instance, “Today we’re going to put in writing XYZ” or “We’ll be writing XYZ and we’d like your input.”

Putting the large umbrella of ‘intent’ in your work is at all times useful and makes an enormous difference.

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Burstein worked as a contract author and historical research assistant before joining Copy Dot AI as an engineer specializing in creating and testing prompts.

The duty of prompt engineering is unpredictable, and prompts may should be readjusted as recent language models proceed to emerge.

“It is simple to learn, but hard to master,” he said. “It takes trial and error to get the outcomes you would like.”

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