Watchtech acquires 4 AI-based ‘IT infrastructure integrated operation management technology’ patents


(Photo = Watchtech)

Watchtech (CEO Park Kwon-jae), which makes a speciality of integrated management solutions, announced on the twentieth that it has accomplished the acquisition of 4 patents specialized in infrastructure integrated operation management based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology.

The aim of those 4 patents is to enable the system to predict and analyze events and failures that will occur in other infrastructure resources comparable to servers, networks, logs, applications, and clouds upfront, and realize a stable integrated infrastructure operation management environment.

The major invention technologies of those 4 patents are ▲Infrastructure failure learning and evaluation using linguistic evaluation techniques ▲Suggestion model generation for controlling events of various kinds of equipment ▲Application transaction learning and real-time failure prediction and determination ▲SMART log merging and trend prediction It’s a visualization system.

Watchtech explained that ‘WatchAll’, an integrated operation management solution with patented technology, can manage failure events in a single word, predict other events to occur using AI and machine learning, and take preemptive motion against them. .

As well as, it learns application transactions and controls various performance information of related infrastructure to offer an integrated monitoring environment, detects abnormal patterns in log data, and analyzes abnormalities.

Park Kwon-jae, CEO of Watchtech, said, “The WatchAll solution that applied the patented technology already has the most important number of shoppers in Korea, about 3,000, and its usability has been proven available in the market.” Through this, we are going to turn out to be an optimal integrated operation management solution that encompasses cloud and legacy environments.”

Reporter Lim Dae-jun


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