Davio promotes constructing map data in Indonesia


Deputy CEO Kyu-Sung Choi Davio (right) is holding up an agreement with Narcon CEO Adi Luciatan.

Davio, a spatial information artificial intelligence (AI) company, builds Indonesian map data.

To this end, Davio announced on the sixteenth that it had exchanged a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation with Narcon, an area company, on the ‘GeoConnect Asia 2023’ exhibition in Singapore.

Indonesia has many islands, so it just isn’t easy to construct spatial information. It’s an environment by which it’s difficult to reflect changes quickly.

Davio plans to quickly extract and digitize information on buildings and roads in Indonesia using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It uses synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data. Data that just isn’t affected by weather or illumination.

“With this MOU, we will apply geospatial information AI technology to map data,” said Choi Gyu-seong, vp of Davio.

Reporter Juyoung Lee juyoung09@aitimes.com


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