4 Ways to Access The Latest GPT-4 (2 Free Options!)


OpenAI just released GPT-4. Listed below are some ways to access GPT-4 today!

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OpenAI just released GPT-4, which is a recent AI model that besides being smarter and more creative than the old ChatGPT, it has recent features like having the ability to understand images and generate greater than 25000 words.

Although OpenAI only announced one official technique to access GPT-4, there are other ways that can enable you to access GPT-4 (some free).

Listed below are the 4 ways you’ll be able to access the brand new GPT-4.

Option #1: ChatGPT Plus Subscription (The Official Way)

Currently, the official technique to get access to GPT-4 is thru the premium ChatGPT subscription: ChatGPT Plus.

You may subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 a month. It offers available when the demand is high, faster response speed, and priority access to recent features. One in every of those recent features available to only ChatGPT Plus users is GPT-4.


There’s a caveat though. Currently, even ChatGPT Plus doesn’t offer a few of the recent features of GPT-4 like visual input and likewise it has a usage cap that might be adjusted by OpenAI depending on demand and system performance.

OpeanAI said that in the longer term it would offer some amount of free GPT-4 queries, so those with no ChatGPT Plus subscription can try it too.

That said, below are other options to get access to GPT-4 totally free.

Note: To subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, you may have to log in to your ChatGPT account.

Option #2: Poe (Free Option)

On the time of writing this text, it’s also possible to access GPT-4 through Poe, in case you don’t have a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Poe is an AI chatbot app announced by Quora in February and it has multiple language models available. One in every of them is GPT-4.


The one caveat is that Poe only helps you to send 1 message per day totally free. It’s little but no less than it could possibly enable you to get a first-hand idea of what GPT-4 can do.

Something cool about Poe is you can also apply it to your iPhone since it has an app available on the App Store.

Link: To access Poe, go to this link.

Option #3: Microsoft Bing (Free Option)

Prior to now months, Microsft released its AI-powered engine “Bing” to compete with Google Search.

The most effective part in regards to the recent Bing is that it’s free and runs the brand new GPT-4. It’s price mentioning that the mixing of GPT-4 was customized for search in the brand new Bing, so you would possibly see some features which are on GPT-4 that aren’t on Bing and vice versa.


A few of Bing’s capabilities are interactive chat, summarized responses, content generation, etc. To know every part you’ll be able to do with Bing, read this.

Link: Enroll for the recent Bing preview.

Option #4: Through GPT-4 API

In case you’re not a developer and wonder what’s an API. Well, it’s simply a algorithm that permits different apps to consult with one another.

Using GPT-4 with the API isn’t so simple as using it on the ChatGPT website, however it’s price learning use it because APIs often have more to supply.

In case you’re a Python user, probably GPT-4 API goes to be available on the OpenAI package identical to when ChatGPT API was released. Nonetheless, you may have to hitch a waitlist first.

Before getting your invitation for the GPT-4 API, and in case you never worked with any API, you’ll be able to have some practice with these OpenAI API and ChatGPT API guides.

Link: Join the GPT-4 API waitlist here.


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