Generating AI that pulls game graphics as an alternative


A game engine has emerged that replaces graphics work with generative artificial intelligence (AI).

US startup Robot Invader has developed a game engine called ‘Story Machine’ that creates graphics similar to characters and backgrounds using only text using AI tools similar to ‘Stable Diffusion’ or ‘Dali’, said GamesBeat on the 4th (local time). Reported.

In accordance with this, Story Machine isn’t a large-scale game studio, but a product for people who lack programming or design knowledge. It was also explained that it’s more suitable for 2D game production than large-scale 3D game. Along with image generation, it is thought that the introduction of additional AI tools can be being considered.

Robot Invaders funded $5 million (about 6.5 billion won) last yr for the discharge of Story Machine within the second half of this yr, and has already registered a game called ‘Beacon’s Bluff’ made with Story Machine on Steam.

Casey Richardson, CEO of Robot Invaders, said, “We developed Story Machine to assist individuals who have ideas but lack the abilities to create games, or to assist studios work within the early stages of game development. It’s a way of stimulating development and subsidizing creativity.”

Along with Robot Invader, Gamesbit introduced that corporations similar to Roblox, Scenario AI, and The Culture DAO are developing game-generating AI. He identified that a typical claim by AI vendors is that generative AI allows developers to unravel time-consuming tasks similar to graphics and focus as an alternative on story or gameplay.

As well as, he emphasized that even though it has not yet develop into universal, advanced AI technology continues to emerge, and the introduction of game-generating AI appears to be a matter of time, not a matter of selection.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun


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