Ministry of Science and ICT publicizes digital recent order roadmap and ‘Digital Bill of Rights’ within the second half of the yr


The scene of the primary meeting of the Digital Latest Order Establishment Council (Photo = Ministry of Science and ICT)

The federal government will present a ‘digital recent order roadmap’ and ‘digital bill of rights’ within the second half of this yr.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong-ho) announced on the 2nd that it held the primary meeting of the ‘Digital Latest Order Establishment Council’. This meeting is to debate in earnest find out how to establish a recent digital order in step with the rapid spread of artificial intelligence (AI) corresponding to ChatGPT, and was prepared to debate the direction the private and non-private sectors should pursue and specific implementation plans.

On the meeting, the Ministry of Science and ICT explained the meaning and elements of the era of digital deepening and various issues and issues that require the establishment of a recent digital order, and announced plans to arrange a government-wide digital recent order establishment roadmap to quickly resolve them.

As well as, it was revealed that the digital innovation goals for universal human values ​​and that the ‘Digital Bill of Rights’, a standard norm for sharing its advantages with members of society, might be prepared by the second half of this yr, and based on this, the federal government will begin to ascertain a recent order for every department in earnest. The Ministry of Science and ICT explained that although the digital bill of rights has no legal binding force, it’s going to function to prescribe basic values, rights and obligations, and related systems that the country and society must pursue and protect together.

The council was chaired by Yeom Jae-ho, president of Taejae University, and consisted of associations and experts, and the meeting participants continued the discussion by explaining their positions, issues, and issues from their respective perspectives. The consultative body is anticipated to play a pivotal role in social deliberation and formation of consensus in the longer term.

Park Yun-gyu, 2nd Vice Minister of Science and ICT, said, “Because the digital age deepens, the speed of digital innovation is anticipated to speed up and its ripple effect is anticipated to expand.” We’ll make a nationwide effort,” he said.

Reporter Lim Dae-jun


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