Jeonnam, 80% support for intelligent smart factory construction


A view of the smart factory. (Photo = Jeonnam-do)

Jeollanam-do (Governor Kim Young-rok) has decided to support as much as 80% of the fee of constructing an intelligent smart factory. An extra 30% (120 million won) is provided to the federal government subsidy that supports as much as 50% (or 200 million won) of the project cost.

Jeollanam-do announced on the twenty fourth that it’s recruiting corporations participating within the ‘2023 Jeonnam-type Smart Factory Supply Expansion Project’ to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses and lead innovation in manufacturing sites by March sixteenth.

Recruitment targets are small and medium-sized manufacturing corporations within the Jeonnam region that need support for constructing an intelligent smart factory (advanced stage). Firms which can be closed or currently receiving smart factory construction support are excluded.

Application for participation could be made through the smart factory business management system (

“The transition to smart factories has grow to be essential for manufacturing corporations to secure competitiveness,” said Yoo Hyeon-ho, head of the Jeonnam Job Economy Headquarters.

Reporter Hojeong Na


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