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Generative artificial intelligence is introduced in the favored metaverse game Roblox, which is utilized by 58 million people a day.

Meta, which is pouring astronomical funds into the event of metaverse technology, can be revealing the identical plan, so generative artificial intelligence is anticipated to bring changes to the metaverse.

Roblox announced on the twentieth that it’s testing a generative artificial intelligence tool that creates or changes virtual objects in the sport when text is entered.

Within the released video, developers can move objects or construct buildings within the virtual world of Roblox with only text with none additional coding. You may also change weather conditions, akin to making it rain.

Daniel Sterman, CTO of Roblox, said, “Even beginners who’ve never coded or designed can use these tools to understand their imagination in Roblox.”

Analysts say that if Roblox adds features using generative artificial intelligence like this, it might probably attract novice developers and be attractive to young users.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (Photo = Shutterstock)

Within the metabus industry, not only Roblox, but additionally several corporations are showing great interest in introducing artificial intelligence. Meta recently revealed plans to introduce artificial intelligence created by CEO Zuckerberg himself.

“We’ll grow to be a frontrunner in meta-generated AI,” he said. “We’re introducing AI technology that creates images, videos, avatars, and 3D assets throughout our products.”

Also, in November of last yr, Nvidia released ‘Get3D’, a 3D image generating AI model for the metaverse, and OpenAI also released ‘Point-E’, and other generated AI models targeting the metaverse are coming out one after one other.

Alternatively, an organization called Somnium Space became a hot topic by revealing that it’s working on a project that introduces ChatGPT to permit conversations with the deceased within the metaverse.

On this regard, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said at the top of last yr, “How can consumers create virtual worlds without generative AI?” emphasized.

Generative artificial intelligence, at this point, must be called a beauty in all directions. Next, we are going to inform you concerning the technology trends.

Google Cloud (Photo = Google)
Google Cloud (Photo = Google)

■ The competition between Microsoft (MS) and Google in the sphere of search is spreading to the sphere of AI computing. Computing power is very important for search.

Google runs its computing by itself TPU chips, while Microsoft has its computing infrastructure coupled with Nvidia’s GPU chips. So ultimately, the competition between the 2 corporations within the hardware field is anticipated to be a battle between TPU and GPU.

■Microsoft is testing a latest ad format on ‘Bing’. A template that mixes traditional search ads or latest forms of ads with responses generated by AI chatbots. Because the search method changes, the promoting format can even change.

(Photo = shutterstock)
(Photo = shutterstock)

■Small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to have the opportunity to utilize super-giant AI and supercomputing infrastructure for R&D. OpenAI puts out a developer platform service for enterprises and allows them to make use of their very own computing infrastructure for a fee.

■ The one that is leading a winning streak against ‘Katago’, who is alleged to be the strongest amongst Go AI, is a hot topic. Speaking of Adam Glebe, CEO of FAR AI, an worker of the corporate helped them win 14 out of 15 against Cartago.

Glebe also found Katago’s blind spot and made a victory while he was a doctoral student on the University of California at Berkeley last yr. The key was to seek out a Go strategy that Katago had never experienced with one other artificial intelligence program.

Next, we are going to inform you concerning the fundamental trends within the industry.

(Photo = Midjourney)
(Photo = Midjourney)

■Meta has released an AI language model ‘Toolformer’ that may learn learn how to use software akin to search engines like google and yahoo and calculators by itself. It extends the functionality of the language model by allowing it to make use of external software.

■Investors and technology corporations in the US, which were driven by cryptocurrencies, recently gave the impression to be moving to alter their investments to AI. The Wall Street Journal reported this trend last week, and it’s read as a move to leap on the AI ​​boom following the looks of ‘ChatGPT’.

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Show 2022
Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Show 2022

■The biggest AI exhibition in Korea, ‘2023 AI & Big Data Show’ might be held at COEX, Seoul for 3 days from June twenty eighth. I’m interested since it is a possibility to see how domestic and foreign corporations are applying generative AI, including ChatGPT.

■Baidu has announced that it can integrate the Chinese version of ChatGPT ‘Ernie Bot’, which is scheduled to be released in March, into search and repair it within the cloud. It’s following Microsoft’s method, but Ernie Bot has been reserved to be used by 400 corporations, including Shaolin.

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