Ministry of Science and ICT expands to 51 SW-centered universities… 83.8 billion won


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The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Lee Jong-ho) announced plans to pick 13 universities by announcing recent selections for the 2023 software-centered university project from the thirteenth to the twentieth.

A complete of 51 universities plan to operate software-centered universities with a complete scale of 83.8 billion won this 12 months, consisting of 45 general tracks and 6 specialized tracks, amongst which 13 universities, including 11 general tracks and a couple of specialized tracks, can be newly established. can be chosen as

For the overall track, the software department has an admission quota of 100 or more, and universities that operate software department graduate schools can apply. When chosen, KRW 2 billion is provided annually (KRW 950 million in the primary 12 months). The utmost support period is 8 years (4+2+2), and 6 years (2+2+2) if a university that was previously chosen as a 1st stage software-centered university and whose support has ended is re-selected.

The specialized track can only be applied to small and medium-sized universities with lower than 10,000 students, and in contrast to the overall track, there aren’t any qualifications similar to software department quota and graduate school management. When chosen, KRW 1 billion is provided annually (KRW 475 million in the primary 12 months). The utmost support period is 6 years (2+2+2), and with a view to expand participation opportunities for small and medium-sized universities, science and technology specialized universities operated with government budget support and universities which have previously been chosen as software-oriented universities are limited in support. do.

With the intention to spread the cultivation of software talents within the region, when evaluating recent choice of 13 universities, if universities outside the metropolitan area and non-selected regions (Ulsan, Sejong, and Jeonnam) participate, 2 points can be given to every.

The software-centered university is a project to innovate the university education system centered on software by reflecting the needs of the economic field, and to nurture talents specializing in software and convergence that meet the demand for brand spanking new technologies similar to artificial intelligence (AI).

Oh Yong-soo, director general of software policy on the Ministry of Science and ICT, said, “With the intention to lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution and reply to the good digital transformation, university digital education innovation is indispensable.” We’ll actively support the central university,” he said.

Details similar to the appliance form for the 2023 software-centered university selection might be found in a while the web sites of the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Evaluation and Planning.

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