MS, ChatGPT introduced ‘Office’ released in March


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Microsoft (MS) will release a recent ‘Office’ product line incorporating ‘ChatGPT’ in March. Starting in March, the way in which you write documents, presentations and emails is predicted to vary drastically.

The Verge announced on the twelfth (local time) that MS has installed ‘Prometheus’, an upgraded version of ChatGPT and GPT-3.5, in ‘Word’, ‘PowerPoint’ and ‘Outlook’. It was reported that a recent product incorporating the model could be released.

It was not specifically announced what features could be added to the brand new product.

Nonetheless, in line with a recent report by The Information, Word is predicted so as to add auto-completion and writing functions using the GPT model. In Outlook, you possibly can seek for the specified e-mail without using keywords or mechanically compose an e-mail with the specified content. In PowerPoint, it is claimed that it is feasible to create documents or presentations only by entering prompts, and it’s also possible so as to add flesh to generated text or create graphs and graphics for PowerPoint.

On this regard, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently mentioned that “MS plans to integrate AI tools similar to ChatGPT into all of its products.”

On the 2nd, MS released ‘Teams Premium’, a company collaboration platform equipped with GPT-3.5, and ‘Viva Sales’, a sales support solution. On the seventh, it unveiled a new edition of the search engine ‘Bing’ equipped with ChatGPT.

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