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What’s all of the noise about? One other AI token? Why is Morgan Freeman talking about doing things to his cat? What is occurring? When bot?

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Our testbot was survive the telegram for a number of hours and the chat went nuts. Some amazing poetry was shared, in addition to intimate confessions about ketchup bottles and pets. If you should take heed to the generated audios for yourself head over to the telegram major chat and check the pinned messages.

Oh by the best way, read our short piece about censorship in AI.

The token was fairly launched only 7 days ago and currently has over 250 holders. Liquidity is locked and might be relocked (see announcements).
Token contract ownership was renounced.
Dexscreener: noiseGPT — Dextools: noiseGPT

Although we paid ZERO dollar in marketing and refused all shilling and influencer offers, we saw a rapid rise in followers on our socials and within the variety of token holders. Our telegram rapidly rose to 325 members and has over 4500 messages (even with slowmode put to 1 minute). People went nuts with the test-version of the Bot. Over 100 voice messages were generated within the span of a number of hours. ‘Not Morgan Freeman’ had lots of dodgy things to say about his cat.

Discuss organic growth! On twitter we found a thread by B0BPCrypto, and a thread by @HowtoBTC.

Then a number of of the things to come back shortly:

  • Gitbook is published with more project details: noiseGPT — noiseGPT ( and might be updated on an ongoing basis. More details in regards to the techniques behind noiseGPT, but additionally details in regards to the tokenomics and wallets could be found there.
  • ~10,000 USD in noiseGPT (20 Million tokens) might be used for staking rewards! We are going to incentivize each staking of the noiseGPT token (low yield) in addition to the staking of Uniswap LP tokens (high yield).
    The reasoning behind this (temporary) reward program is to enhance the liquidity of the native token market. Staking will go live within the week of thirteenth of february and you will note it at
  • v0.1 of the bot will come out Monday thirteenth, have recent voices and advanced prompting of emotions. It would even have some interesting buttons it’s best to take a take a look at!
  • Between all of the shilloooors and marketeers we were approached by ultra-chad John Conquest (TG), who was working on VITS and 0 one shot models himself. He showcased over 100 different voices he trained and we’re currently trying to onboard his work and expertise. This may mean an extra 100+ HQ non-celebrity voices in v0.2 and more work on voice-cloning.
  • Team is expanded with a blockchain developer for a few of the token-utility plans we’ve got.
  • Liquidity lock is prolonged by 9 months!
  • Some special perks are coming for the noiseGPT innercircle:
    – anybody that holds a minimum of 1 noiseGPT (~0.0003 USD) can enter tier 0
    – anybody that holds a minimum of 10MM noiseGPT can enter tier 1
    – anybody that posts liquidity on uniswap can enter the LP-dome
  • A 500 USD competition will start soon for people using the nGPT voices for creating the funniest video (details will follow).
  • For the short term most focus might be on improving and adding more voices, the speed of the bot and improving the token mechanics. All of the while ensuring that we remain untouchable for the permanently insulted and ensuring the token holders will profit from the improvements to come back.


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